Government Recommendations (laughable)

Moves to bring down the soaring cost of car insurance have been announced.

The group, chaired by Junior Finance Minister Eoghan Murphy, has just published its report containing 33 recommendations comprising 71 actions.

The report proposes the establishment of a claims information database while, a personal injuries commission will also be set up to provide further guidance on personal injuries claims.

The government is finally making an effort to do something about soaring car insurance prices. I will be updating this blog weekly to let you know if anything is being done about it.

According to Eamon Scanlon “Fianna Fáil has been highlighting this issue for well over a year but the Government has sat on its hands. Now there are reports that it could be more than 18 months before some of the Working Group’s recommendations would be implemented. This is simply not good enough and the Government must work harder to ensure that consumers are getting a fair deal on their compulsory insurance cover”.

Everyone knows its happening and that its wrong so why cant the government do anything about it?


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